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lenija: (Marvel - X-Men: Kurt &Zirkus)
Monday, May 4th, 2009 01:18 am
For one thing, there's X-Men Origins - Wolverine, which I find is a pretty mediocre movie with some erotic scenes. (I mean the ones with blades in them.) I'd like to read movieverse fanfic... did anyone already stumble over some?

More importantly, I wanted to finally change my journal's style, only to discover that all the styles I like are based on Flexible Squares, which apparently can't be transferred to DW (copyright issues?). Or can it? I'm so tired, I can't read through all those help pages and comms, and tomorrow there's studying. (Recently I've been getting tired before 1 AM almost every day. Maybe I'm growing up.)
Any ideas on how I could import those custom styles based on Flexible Squares? Or maybe where I can find a layout like this one?

I know there are far too many parentheses in this entry. (But I don't care.)

ETA: Found an okay layout... but it seems like some millimetres at the top don't show. Do you see the dots on the Ä? If not, oh glorious CSS cracks of my flist, what can I do to fix it and get my Ä?
Plus, how do I get the tag list out of my sidebar?
You know, I used to have a vague idea how to do this, but I forgot it all. *sigh*
The question above still stands.

ETA 2: Now I get the "user names don't show up on reading page" problem, but when I follow the instructions here, the layout layer reports compiling errors.
I'm stupid. *sighs again* *goes to sleep*