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lenija: (Merlin - Arthur guckt)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 02:22 pm
I feel like I should say something about Dreamwidth. Everyone is writing meta on how they feel having moved here, guides on how the new features work, thoughts about how the subscribe/grant access function will affect everyone's view of the former friendslist...

Whenever I start something new, I need to go meta about it, explore how the new environment/ way of communication/ theoretical concept,... affects my thoughts, feelings and abilities. Usually I come late to new communities or technologies, so I often feel left alone with my desire to "talk about what we're doing here". This time I'm there almost from the beginning, and although I have too much other stuff on my mind to dive as deeply as I would like to into the world that is Dreamwidth, and although I'm still not creative enough to contribute something useful, I'm growing into this new space quite easily - because everyone is talking about what they're doing and experiencing a great deal. It calms me.

Still, a big part of my just wishes I could write filtered entries right now.(Yeah, I know, I can write filtered entries. It's just that many of my LJ friends aren't here yet, and this small filter I created for a time like this is empty.) My personal life is behaving unpredictably and scares me. Spring 2009 seems to be a good time for everything and nothing.

On two nights this week I dreamt about Merlin. No idea why, it's not like I read a lot of fanfic these days or rewatch episodes. One dream was an adventurous Mary Sue fic, the other was Arthur/Merlin. Those were the two nights I slept well and actually felt well-rested when I woke up. Which tells us that Merlin apparently is helpful medicine when you're under strain.

I want to write something, but as usual I have no idea what. Whiny poetry, probably. ;)

My tags need a revamp; so does my layout. And I need to study. *sigh*