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len ([personal profile] lenija) wrote2009-05-03 04:15 pm
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> i've decided to leave comments open on my livejournal crossposts for now, as a temporary solution. in the medium term i'd like to shift this to directing comments to dreamwidth and leaving lj-comments open only on flocked posts, but at the present time my top priority is to make it easy for all of us to stay in contact.

there won't be any flocked posts in the near future.

> i want more content in my new journal. there will be links, open questions, randomness and the alphabet meme. topics will not be restricted to fandom and my narcissm anymore. (although you might find my narcissm everywhere if you look for it.)

> everything i do here will take time. i will usually not answer your comments and posts promptly. i want to put a lot of things in order, in several areas of my life, starting after my last exam (which is in ten days time), for which i'm going to need a lot of my energy.

dear lj-ers, if i don't comment, it's not because i left you for dreamwidth. i'm a poly person. i'm not leaving someone for someone else, unless that someone else is myself.


> if you have moved to dreamwidth or will move, or if you have an account there but won't use it:

- please tell me where i should read your journal, so i won't have to read the same entries twice.
- please tell me if you're on dreamwidth under another name (and still want me in your circle).

i hope i can leave you alone with this issue now. questions are still welcome, though. questions are always welcome.

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